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Don't tread on me...

The title of the following opinion column is "Conservatives must build a 'bite me' coalition."  Liberty isn't just a conservative/Conservative/Republican cause.  Liberty from oppression should be everyone's cause.

Who the hell is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to presume that he has a say in what I or any other American chooses to drink? Of course, the answer for any self-respecting citizen is that he has no such say, and the proper response to him and his legion of petty fascist fan boys is the suggestion that they pucker up – and I will politely decline to identify what they should kiss.

Fight the Power

Talk about backfiring...  Fire a man for what he was hired to do, then have his ideas being put into practice.

Someone in DC thought they had snuffed out an official Republican report on radical intellectual property reform by convincing the authoring agency to erase the document from the Internet and fire the staffer charged with writing it. The shadowy politicking backfired. The young fall-boy, Derek Khanna, instantly became a front-page living martyr against the entertainment and telecommunication lobbies, who have long been villainized for pushing aggressive anti-piracy laws at the expense of innovation.

Hello World!!!

So yesterday, Feb 26th,2013, on a lark I decided to look "Defenders of Liberty" and see what was out there.  This domain was available.

It is time for all Defenders of Liberty to unite in their common causes.  That is what I want this website to serve as.  Stay tuned as I get the features worked out and connected.